Overseas Mediclaim Policy

This policy is for any Indian resident traveling abroad. It is mandatory in some Western countries for a visitor to their country to be covered by a Health Insurance Policy. In its absence, he may run the risk of repatriation or quarantining in the airport itself.

medical treatment is expensive overseas and can become a major financial problem in case of any emergency/ accident. Hence, this policy will come in handy in case of any medical trouble abroad.


  • Persons going abroad
  • Children and spouse accompanying person going abroad
  • Annual policies by Corporate for the travel of their executives.


  • Medical Expenses.
  • Personal Accident.
  • Total Loss of Checked Baggage.
  • Delay of Checked Baggage.
  • Loss of Passport.
  • Personal Liability.


Direct settlement through TPA for in-hospital medical expenses abroad.


Policy provides Worldwide cover  for Indian Residents making bonafide trips abroad for:

  1. a) Business and Holiday  Purpose
  2. b) Employment and Studies.


  1. a) Any Indian Resident.
  2. b) Foreign Nationals working in India with Indian employers of multinational companies getting salary in Indian Rupees.
  3. c) Foreign Nationals domiciled in India subject to verification of Ration Card and Filing of IT returns.
  4. d) Employment Policy for Persons deputed abroad on Contract by Indian employers

e Study Policy for Students going abroad for Study or persons deputed for training purpose.


  1. a) Any person can take this policy normally between the age of 6 months to 70 Years.
  2. b) Proposal over 70 Years to be accepted after obtaining  Medical reports and appropriate loading of premium.

LOADING           :     In case of age over 70 years

71 & 72 years     :     25%  (if no adverse history)

73 & 74 years     :     50%  (if no adverse history)

Over 75 years     :    100% (if no adverse history)

Over 79 years     :    150%  (if no adverse history)

Over 84 years     :    200%  (if no adverse history)


Must for Proposers over the age of 70 years-visiting abroad excluding USA AND CANADA and over the age of 60 years – visiting USA AND CANADA.


Blood Sugar/Urine Strip Test and ECG printout.

NOTE: Medical reports are required when the proposer is travelling for more than 60 days.

In case the proposer is not able to submit required Medical reports, it is possible to issue a policy by restricting the sum insured under medical expenses to US $ 10000 for Plan A and B only.


Initial cover upto 180 days under Business and Holiday.  Extension for a further period of Maximum 180 days,subject to declaration of Good Health and No Claim.


Depends upon the Age, Country visited by the Proposer and No.of Days of Stay.


There are various types of plans available under the policy depending upon the nature of travel and country visited, and benefits offered under the various plans are also different.