Household Insurance

Whether we own or rent, our homes and our possessions are precious. Choosing to insure them, and making sure you have the right Insurance products for your circumstances, offers peace of mind and lowers the financial pain of repairing your home and replacing damaged or stolen belongings.

You can choose to insure your property, its contents, or both.

The most common forms of household insurance are:

  • Home insurance– covers financial losses associated with damage or loss of a property you own. Continue reading this section for more information
  • Contents insurance– covers financial losses caused by the loss, theft or damage of your possessions.
  • Home and Contents– policies that combine the features of both types of insurance
  • Renter’s or tenant’s insurance– a low-cost contents policy for tenants that provides limited cover for events such as fire and theft.
  • Landlord’s insurance – covers the risks associated with renting out a property.