Home Insurance

Home Insurance protects the building and contents of your home against natural and man-made calamities like fire, earthquakes, storms, cyclones, tempests, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or inundation, lightning strike, explosion, landslides, impact by vehicles or aircraft, and bursting or overflowing of water tanks and pipes. It also covers the contents (jewelry also) of your home in case of Burglary.
The optional covers include Terrorism and Additional expenses of rent for alternative accommodation.
Alternative Accommodation is an optional cover to the policy. If you are forced to shift to an alternative accommodation because your home is destroyed by an insured peril, then you will also be covered against the additional rent.
Reconstruction value is defined as the cost incurred to reconstruct the home if it is damaged. Many times securing your home even with the most sophisticated security system will not do the trick. Your home stands a potential victim to several natural and man-made perils. Damage to your home can leave you homeless or harm your savings as paying for the repairs will be highly expensive. Hence, availing a Home Insurance is a wise thing to do.Your pride is your home. You are making a life time investment after spending considerable time in selecting the location and finalizing the builder, design etc.

Your home is not only your abode of happiness and security, but an investment of your hard earned money!. Your shelter requires a protection too against untoward incidents like fire, lightning, earthquake shock and more.

  • Key Benefits
  • Comprehensive cover available, which covers both structure and / or contents of your home.
  • Cover against Fire and allied perils, Burglary & Theft and Optional cover for Terrorism and Additional expenses of rent for alternative accommodation.
  • Home Safety Guidelines
  • Your home is definitely one of your most prized possession. It is the place you belong… a place you come back to… a place where you live happily with your loved ones. The most common incident that threatens your home’s security is Burglary. There is no fool proof method to prevent it completely, but you can definitely take some steps to avoid it considerably.Here are a few thoughts.

Make sure you have installed a peephole in the front door and instruct all members to use it every time. If there are children who can’t reach up to the peephole, keep a side table for them near the door.

Do not open the door to any unknown person. In case of a sales person or repair man, always ask for his identity card.

Most cases of burglaries take place through windows, especially of the

ground floor. Ensure that you lock the windows properly when you leave. In case of sliding doors, place solid bars at the slide for best results.

The front door, too, is vulnerable to such incidents. A shielding, such as a grilled gate, will provide the best protection.

Lock jewels and valuable articles at the bank.

Avoid discussing holiday plans in public where strangers may come to know about your absence.

Install and set burglar alarm when you leave your home.

Mark your belongings with the postal code or the house number. Take photos of objects which cannot be marked, like jewellery, etc. Keep the list with yourself or a give one copy to a trusted relative.

If the garage opens to the house, make sure that it is properly locked at all times with a proper safety lock.

Uncollected letters may easily invite a burglar giving him the hint there is nobody inside the home. Therefore, before you leave ask your neighbors to empty the letter box on a regular basis.

Do not leave behind important documents. Leave them with a relative or preferably at the bank.

When away for days, ensure that your home appears occupied. Using timer switches (to switch on lights at particular time) can be helpful.

And most importantly, do get a comprehensive Home Insurance policy that covers not just the structure but also the content of your house. We do understand the importance of our home but somehow tend to ignore the importance of home insurance. Most of us tend to underestimate its importance, until we experience such incidents. Do not wait for a mishap to occur.