Critical Illness

The money which you get from critical illness insurance will help you in clearing medical bills, home modification, and many other things.

This is very important too, but Critical Illness Insurance Policy as any life – threatening illness can shatter all dreams of a normal man and it can spoil all future planning of customers. After saving money bit by bit with all hard work and planning, spending all of it on the medical bills and in hospitals cannot be justified. No matter if the diseased person is cured after efforts and best treatment, with the end of emotional trauma, the financial burden on the shoulder of family and the person which was spent during the treatment will never let them sleep in peace and it results in a chain of the financial crisis.

Critical Illness is a severe health condition that has a rewind able effect on the life of an individual and it requires a great amount of money to treat the same. Nowadays, it is very easy to diagnose the disease at the early age only. Critical illness can be cured that easily as they need to be treated with costly technology, and there is the investment of lump sum of capital for the same. Some of the most common critical illnesses covered under the Critical Illness Insurance Policy are as follows –

  1. Heart attack
  2. Cancer
  3. Major Organ transplant
  4. Blindness
  5. Stroke
  6. Terminal illness
  7. Bacterial Meningitis
  8. Motor Neuron Diseases
  9. Deafness etc.

One should buy a Critical Illness Insurance Policy if he or she do not have any saving and security for any major health disease or if your company does not provide you any employee benefits package than they should buy a Critical Illness Insurance Policy for sure. Different insurance companies provide different covers so one should read the policy terms carefully before settling down for any insurance policy.