Group Personal Accident Policy

Individual accident insurance

In the occurrence of any intentional or unintentional mishap, Individual Accident Insurance defends an individual. The result of any such incident may include impairment, permanent or temporary disability or/and demise.

Group accident insurance

This insurance is usually availed by employers willing to provide their employees with insurance cover against any road/rail/air accident. Insurance usually offers a discount on the premium amount of such insurance policies depending upon the size of the group. Thus, such policies can be easily availed at a lower price which makes them affordable for small organizations & businesses. However, unlike individual plans, Group insurances offer basic coverage. An IRDA approved Group insurance widely covers impairment, permanent or temporary disability or/and demise.

Personal accident insurance policy is one efficient tool that offers aid to the individual and/or the dependent in case of unfortunate occasions. It successfully covers medical expenses, compensation in case of demise as well as any loss of income that occurs due to any accident. To avail the benefits of personal accident policy it is important that one understands the features of this policy well. Though all these plans are available online, without an understanding of impairment, injury or demise in details, optimum utilization is not possible.