Insurance That developed parallel with the growth of fire insurance. Its origin can be placed to to development of industrialization, which highlighted the need for a separate cover for plant and machinery. Concept of all risk cover was also developed damage due to any cover except specifically excluded. The product covered various stages for construction to testing till the plant become operational, Small and large units are also covered.

  • Contractor all risks (C.A.R) policy

This is designed to protect the interest of contractors and principals engaged in civil engineering projects. The policy provides on all risk covers, thus providing indemnity against any sudden and unforeseen loss or damage that occurs to property insured at the construction site.

  • Construction Plant and Machinery (C.P.M) policy

Suitable for contractor involved in the construction business for covering all kind of machinery like cranes, excavators from unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cover including Burglary, theft, RSMDT, Fire, Lightning, External Explosion, Earthquake, and other Act of god perils. Accident damage while at work due to faulty manhandling, dropping or falling, collapse etc. Can be extended for third party damage.

  • Erection All Risks (EAR) Policy

This policy is also known as storage cum erection (SCE) policy. If required Marin cover can be given along with the erection policy.

  • Machinery Breakdown Policy (M.B)

This policy is suitable for every industry which operates on machines and for whom breakdown of plant & machinery is at serious consequence. This policy covers machines like Generators, Transformer and other electrical, mechanical and lifting equipment.

  • Boiler and pressure plant policy
  • Machinery loss of profits (MLOP) policy
  • Deterioration of stock policy
  • Electronic equipment policy
  • Advance loss of profit cover (ALOP) or Delay in short-up policy (D.S.U)