Fire Insurance

Fire insurance means the business of effecting, otherwise than independently to some other class of business, contracts of insurance against loss by or incidental to fire or other occurrences customarily included among the risks insured against in fire insurance policies.

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Burglary Insurance

It cover can be offered subject to Theft Losses resulting from actual Forceful-Breaking-into the Insureds’ Premises.

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Group Mediclaim Policy

The Group Medical policy covers expenses by the insured persons & family members covered on account of hospitalization due to sickness or accident.

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Group Personal Accident Policy

This insurance is usually availed by employers willing to provide their employees with insurance cover against any road/rail/air accident. Insurance usually offers a discount on the premium amount of such insurance policies depending upon the size of the group.

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Marine Insurance

A contract of marine insurance is an agreement whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured, in the manner and to the extent thereby agreed, against transit losses, that is to say losses incidental to transit.

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Public Liability Insurance

An Act to provide for public liability insurance for the purpose of providing immediate relief to the persons affected by accident occurring while handling any hazardous substance and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

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Vehicle Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance is designed for businesses with multiple vehicles, to have them all on one policy. Whether they’re cars, vans, minibusses, trucks, taxis etc. there are 3 levels of cover to choose from - Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Third Party Only.

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Industrial All Risks

Industrial All Risk Policy is an exclusion based package policy without any named perils. In this policy, specific exclusions are incorporated with reference to the operating perils and properties. That means whatever is not excluded, is covered under the policy.

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Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Intended to provide indemnity against pecuniary loss caused by the infidelity of the employees. The fraud and dishonesty should have been in course of discharging specified duties and also in respect of money or good entrusted with the employees.

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Workman’s Compensation

The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 provides for payment of compensation to workmen and their dependents in case of injury and accident (including certain occupational disease) arising out of and in the course of employment and resulting in disablement or death.

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Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machinery Breakdown policy is an ideal cover for all kinds of plant and machinery, to cover cost of repairs or replacement of damaged parts as a result of unforeseen and sudden physical damages.

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Its origin can be placed to the development of industrialization, which highlighted the need for a separate cover for plant and machinery. The concept of all risk cover was also developed damage due to any cover except specifically excluded.

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Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance is the best way to manage credit risk in a cost effective way for any organization. It provides financial assistance during the time of any credit risks and overdue payments during domestic trade or exports. Before granting covers for the insurance various terms and conditions need to be fulfilled.

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Cyber Security insurance

Cyber Security insurance is a form of insurance for businesses and individuals against internet-based risks. The most common risk that is insured against is data breaches. Cyber insurance typically includes service level agreements (SLAs) from lawsuits related to data breaches, such as errors and omissions. It also covers losses from network security breaches, theft of intellectual property and loss of privacy, data theft.

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