Privacy Policy

The privacy and the personal information of our customers is very important for us. Kindly read this privacy policy to know how we care for your personal information in a number of ways.

There are a number of services available at Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. and after you register for them our systems save all your personal information. Hence, by using you allow us to send you e-mails and notifications related to matters of insurance and policies. This way we also give you crucial information and pass on knowledge about what is available in the market for your benefit. When you visit our website you agree to all the terms and conditions.

The Privacy Policy of Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. states what and how the information about our customers will be utilized. This detailed policy is available for our customers to inform them about our system so that you can make correct decisions. When you register with Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd., you give us detailed information about your name, address, birth date, gender, e-mail id, telephone number, etc. after this you are not a stranger to us. The e-mail id and mobile number can be used by us and our business associates to send you messages, e-mails and notifications on what is new, details about products, promotions or related schemes and policies which are offered by our associates.


The personal information that our customers give us with trust and belief is kept with us in safe so that you are confident enough to use our services and suggest us to your friends and family. It is not sold or given on rent to any third party unless we have mentioned it here. However, our business associates and affiliates are always thinking about your good; hence this information may get transferred to them for the purpose of advertising and promoting. If we have a merger with anyone in the market then even that will be informed to you through e-mail or messages.

Even if you are registered under DND or DNC service with your operator, you will receive our messages if you use This way you give us permission to get in touch with you directly from or from our affiliates for the purpose of informing you about latest products and services.

The policy will also comprise of our treatment of your personally identifiable information given to us by the partners of Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. This personally identifiable information is asked by you at the time of the registration and thus the e-mail id and the mobile number will be used to send informative emails and messages.


Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. obliges with law enforcement and regulatory investigation along with the third parties to enforce laws such as intellectual property rights, fraud and other rights with an aim to protect you and the community. As a result, in reply to a confirmed request by law enforcement or other government officials linked to an alleged illegal activity or a criminal investigation we will be able to reveal the customer’s name, address (in full), telephone number email id, etc. This information is utilized by us on your valid authorization. Also, we could reveal the customer’s name, address, phone number, email id, and company name to Intellectual Property rights owners under privacy agreement, as we in our solitary caution believe necessary with regard to an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringement, piracy, or other unlawful activity; all this is carried on your authorization. We stringently follow the rules of non-disclosure agreement. This is our attempt to make sure that the websites linked to us are completely safe and secure for our customers; unfortunately, we won’t have any control over the third-party websites.

The existing regulatory environment forces us to make sure that all the personal information of the customer will never be revealed for reasons other than those which are mentioned in the policy. In case there is any kind of information that is needed by the Government of India or third parties under urgent conditions, the customer’s personal information may be revealed. Third parties may illegally stop or take the customer’s personal information or private communications or even users may use or abuse personal information that they collect from the website. Even though we are using industry standard activities to protect all the information, Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. does not promise the customer that their information or personal communication will remain private forever.


Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. will possibly make changes in their Privacy Policy from time to time, at our sole discretion. In the process, if we make any important changes in the manner utilize the customer’s personal information. Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. will inform you by posting the changes here on the Privacy Policy Pages.

As soon as you buy products on the website, Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. offers the utilization of a secure server. The Secure Software encrypts all the information of the customer before it is sent to us. Along with this, the information provided by the customer is protected against unauthorized access. Hence, to prevent unauthorized access the customer is requested to maintain data accuracy and ensure the correct use of information. For this Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. will utilize reasonable and current internet security procedures and technologies. By using this website you give us the permission to collect and utilize this information you give away on this website. In case we make any important changes in the manner we utilize the customer’s personal information.

Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. will inform you by posting the changes here on the Privacy Policy Pages. The news articles on Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. have been compiled from public news sources accessible to us. Whilst Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. has taken all due care in preparing the articles, it admits no accountability or liability for the actuality, legitimacy, steadfastness and precision of the information. Also, we are neither responsible nor liable for any substantial damages arising in relation to relying on the contents of the news articles. Please ensure that children who are under the age of 18 years are not eligible to use this website and we request them to not to submit any kind of personal information to Provincial Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd.